Bags of Hope is a simple idea to bless Manchester, Salford and beyond, bringing hope in unexpected places and helping to make a practical difference in someone’s life. You and those you know can bring hope to people experiencing brokenness or poverty in these five different areas:

Asylum seekers | Vulnerable women | Those experiencing homelessness | Deprived local communities 

Each bag has a shopping list of ten items appropriate for the person you’re buying for. On the back of this, you can write a message to the person who will receive it.

The bag then needs to find its way back to Saint Philips Chapel Street where it will be passed on to those in need who we work with personally, or through our partner charities.

Please get in touch with us if:
- You would like to give financially here.
- You would like to fill a bag (there's a shopping list below, to get you started)
- You know an individual in need, or an organisation that would like to receive our bags
- Your church would like to run this project where you are
- You have received a Bag of Hope, and would like to bring it back for a refill!

Phone: 0161 839 9709

10 items, 1 bag
“When you’re down and you’ve not got much it cheers you up when you get a nice shower gel or a nice deodorant; cause not a lot of people have time for people that are homeless or working on the street so it was nice that people actually cared”
Sex Worker

“We really appreciate all the support we have had from the community, being able to give them something like the Bags of Hope, has a massive impact on our women. To have the basics to help them to maintain their personal hygiene, to help them you know feel better, feel safer, more secure, and provide for them and their families in some cases. So these donations really do make a massive direct impact to the work that we do and what we can provide to the women we see every week”
Case Worker at MASH (Manchester Action On The Street)