Bags of Hope

Watch our friend Elizabeth Alker explain how the Covid-19 Bags of Hope scheme works in one minute:


10 Items, 1 Bag: Bags of Hope

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, Bags of Hope have launched a new bag designed to meet the needs of those affected in the city and community around Saint Philips.

Each Bag of Hope has 10 items appropriate for those who find themselves in need and, for hygiene reasons, have swapped our usual ethically sourced fabric bag for a biodegradable plastic bag.

There are Shopping Lists and Bags in the black bins outside the church building – you can pick one up, pop over to the Co-op or elsewhere to fill it, write a friendly message and drop it back in one of the bins. Or you can click the link below for the Shopping List and use your own bag.

We’ll deliver it to someone in need!

For more information, email us at: if:
– You have been affected by Covid-19, or know someone who has
– If you could help with the logistics and delivery of these bags
– If your church would like to run this project where you are

To sponsor a bag financially, head here to donate. Thanks for your support!

Shopping List
Sponsor a bag


Bags of Hope is a simple idea to bless Manchester, Salford and beyond, bringing hope in unexpected places and helping to make a practical difference in someone’s life. Your workplace, school or friendship group can become an unexpected place of hope to people experiencing brokenness or poverty in these five different areas:

Asylum seekers | Vulnerable women | The homeless | Deprived local communities 

*NEW* Those affected by COVID-19

Each bag of hope has a shopping list of ten items appropriate for the person you’re buying for. On the back of this, you can write a message to the person who will receive it. Once you’ve put it all together, you can post your bag on Instagram, tag @spchapelstreet with the hashtag ‘#BAGSOFHOPE’ and show your unexpected place of hope.

The bag then needs to find its way back to Saint Philips Chapel Street, Salford, M3 6FR where it will be passed on to those in need who we work with personally, or through our partner charities.

If you would like to fill a bag or know someone or an organisation that would like to receive the bags, please contact us:
Tel: 0161 839 9709.

If your church would like to run this simple project, please contact Lizzy or Janet at

And that’s it!
10 items, 1 bag: Bags of Hope. Hope in unexpected places.



Find out more about Bags of Hope by watching these videos: